Lombok is a paradise for surfers of different skill levels. Whether you are just learning or are looking for huge waves, Lombok has some spectacular surf spots.

In particular,  Selon Belanak is an amazing beach for beginner surfers who want to learn and practice.

First the view — distant hills and an endless stretch of pearly white sand and the turquoise sea make the perfect combination for a dream beach.

Secondly the waves — they are very easy wave for first timer surfers to catch and practice their balance. The wave break close to the shore which makes it less tiring for you as you won’t have to paddle as much. And if you fall, which you will many times, it will feel like diving in crystal clear water.

Selong Belanak beach has been gaining in popularity as a place to practice surfing in Lombok. With its warm tropical water and sandy bottom it has become a secret enclave for surfers for many years. A wide variety of surf spots are spread all along the coast and Kuta and are ideal starting points to explore. Whether you will be standing on a surfboard for the first time or are experienced and looking for your next challenge, there is a spot for every level of surfing in Lombok. Selong Belanak Beach is not only a great place to make your first surfing experience, but it is also one of the most beautiful beaches you will come across in Lombok!