Tanjung Aan Beach

Tanjung Aan is located near Kuta Beach and is accessible within 15 minutes of driving. It has beautiful crystal clear turquoise water and really fine white sand. A huge long bay where you can find a secluded spot. Moreover, there is a second bay on the other side where you can go for a nice swim. From the hill that separates both bays from each other you can have a gorgeous view of the surroundings. Really amazing!

Selong Belanak Beach

Further west of Kuta, there is another beautiful beach that is also very popular with surfers: Selong Belanak. But it’s not only for surfing. You can also take a bath, swim or relax at the beach. The bay is really huge and has a gently sloping beach with very fine sand. You can find shops, restaurants, corn and ice vendors here and obviously surfboard rentals. On Sundays and holidays this beach can get really crowded since many locals come here on these days. 

Mawun Beach

Mawun is a very special beach and somehow simply “different”. Depending on the time of day, you will only have to share this bay with a handful of people. It means that there is not really much going on at this beach (especially in the morning) and there are barely any beach vendors. This is a true secluded beach you will fall in love with on your first visit. The waves in the middle of the bay can be very strong but the outer parts of the bay are perfect for bathing and swimming.

Pandanan Beach

North of Senggigi you can find some more beautiful and calmer beaches than Senggigi itself – one of them is called Pantai Pandanan. You will find barely any tourists here; most of the time you will meet only locals that usually come to this beach in the late afternoon or just before sunset. You also should definitely try the cheap and delicious grilled fish here! You can enjoy amazing views of the beaches, the bays, the Gili Islands and – when the weather is good enough – also of the Mount Agung volcano in Bali.

Pink Beach

Indonesia has a number of so-called “pink beaches” which are the result of a mix of white sand and red coral that has broken down into tiny fragments and has washed up onto the beach, creating this surprising visual effect. Don’t think that what you see on Pinterest is the real thing – pink beaches are not actually THAT pink. They have a slight tint, and it really depends on the time of day and whether or not the sand is wet. So besides the fact that the beach is an unusual colour, it also boasts very clear water and is great for snorkeling. There are no people living here which turns this little stretch of sand into your own little piece of paradise. Still, it will be possible to buy food and drink on beach, so that you can plan a really nice long beach day here.

Kuta Beach

Located in south Lombok, Kuta Beach is known for its white sand and turquoise water so crystal clear you can see the coral reefs from the top of a nearby hill. It’s the most famous beach in Lombok, which makes it the most crowded. The town has a wide variety of accommodations and restaurants, ranging from backpacker offerings to 4-star luxury resorts. Kuta offers world-class surfing, including at nearby Gerupuk. Most people come to Kuta to just chill out on the beach.

Best Beaches in Lombok Tour

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