To get to Lombok from Bali, there are 3 primary methods of travel — airplane, fast boat and ferry. Below we go over the benefits and drawbacks of each service:


The easiest and fastest way to get from Bali to Lombok is via a quick flight!  Flight times from Denpasar (Bali Airport) to Lombok Airport are only around 25 minutes and tickets are quite cheap.  If you are travelling with kids or a baby, we highly recommend that you look into this option as we have heard time and time again how people struggle with the long boat rides on choppy waters!

There are three main airlines that we recommend if you would like to fly to Lombok — Garuda, Lion Air or Wings Air.

Below are the most popular website options to book local Bali/Lombok flights:


There are multiple fast boat companies to choose from nowadays!  Try to find the one that you would like to use, that is also safe and that in essence guarantees you a seat (as some companies overload their boats)!  These are below are the most popular options:

If you need help booking a fast boat ticket, we can help you with that. Just contact us!


The public ferry to Lombok (Lembar Harbour) departs from Padang Bai Harbour in Bali.  You can purchase your ticket there at the ticketing gate.  Ferries leave every hour or so although they are typically running on their own schedule and almost always delayed.  Of course, tickets for the public ferry are very cheap.

Ticket Pricing: Adult 40,000 IDR and takes around 4-5 hours to get from Bali to Lombok (plus add on any waiting time for the ferry to leave as they are usually delayed). Even though there are some modern updates to the public ferries, the boats are pretty old. The ferries are mostly used by Bali and Lombok locals while the vast majority of foreigners go by fast boat or fly over.