Travelling during the peak season often means more expenses and more people, so take this into consideration. Low season from January 9 to June 30, and from September 16 to December 20. Low season is a great time to negotiate deals on accommodations and find cheap hotel and tour packages. Peak Season for Lombok is similar to Bali – during the Dry Season (May through to September) and around Christmas and New year (December/January) Chinese New Year and Easter week. This coincides with the drier weather and end of year holiday break. The good news is, Lombok is generally never as busy as certain places in Bali. Travelling to Lombok during off peak season (predominantly the wet season with the exception of December/January) should definitely be considered as the wet season in Lombok is much drier then its neighbour Bali. Having said that, if you’re thinking of doing a trek, then the dry season is still best as there is less chance of rainfall.

When is rainy season?

Rainy season takes place from November to February (partly even March). Most of the time it is raining on a daily basis and the rain showers are quite powerful, but the rain usually stops after one or two hours. However, sometimes a shower of rain can last half a day or continue until the nightfall – something like that is difficult to predict even for locals. If you are lucky, you can experience hot and sunny days without any rain during this season.

Usually there is a daily weather routine during the rainy season. This means: early in the morning the sun is shining and the sky is clear, at noon the first clouds start to show and in the afternoon the rain will start. If you decide to visit Lombok during the rainy season, you should plan your day trips in the early morning if possible. You will note this daily routine especially on the Gili Islands, which have their  own micro-climate. While the clouds get stuck over the mountains of Lombok, they pass by the Gili Islands much faster. During the rainy season on the islands the air is really hot and humid and the average temperatures are slightly higher than in the dry season. In that season the heat is really bearable and at night the temperature can drop to 20° (in the mountain regions like Tetebatu oder Senaru even below that). Sometimes it’s a pleasant cooldown for a change. The months of April and May are often unpredictable, but it’s still a very good time to visit Lombok. There can still be some rainy days, but they are quite limited.

When is dry season?

In general, Bali and Lombok have similar weather, though Lombok is drier and receives less rain than Bali.  The popular dry season, referred to as “summer” by the locals even though it is the southern hemisphere, is cooler and much more pleasant. Temperatures are pretty standard throughout the year, never really going outside of the 20’s. Even during the hottest months, it’s rare that the temperature goes as far as 30. Basically, you can travel the islands at any time. However, the best time of the year to travel Lombok starts at the end of May/beginning of June and lasts until the end of September.